Don’t Miss the Fun

Walnut Creek Wetland Center

Saturday, September 27, 2014 

10A to 2P 

The Festival in Motion, invites you to a free day of discovery along the Walnut Creek Greenway. Lunch options on site. Rain or Shine.

Get outdoors. Get moving. Explore Walnut Creek’s natural bounty with games, live music, fitness challenges, art crafting and food. It’s free family fun for all ages.

Tune your ear to the sounds of the wild. Can you reproduce them? Craft a fanciful mask and bring a wetland creature to life. Touch the tracks that animals make. Test yourself in the stationary bicycle “Champ vs Chump” challenge. Step along with Mexican folkloric dances and relax among the trees with the sounds of flutes and cool jazz.

Learn about how wetlands teem with life and how our greenways connect us, city to streamside, neighborhood to neighborhood. Loop a one-half mile path of tented activity stations. Cheer on teen volunteers as they wrangle huge invasive shrubs in the Fourth Annual Privet Power Pull. Visit the Volunteer page if you’d like to help.

Walk on the wild side through a maze native grasses. Create a postcard from the swamp. We’ll mail it for you. Blindfolded, test your senses. Can you tell the difference between fresh and canned produce, the fragrance of herbs, the smell of fertile soil?”

All activities are free

Oaks & Spokes Bike Tour

Bring your bicycle - Join us for a family-friendly guided tour of the Greenway at 11A. Also enjoy a bike clinic for kids by the Raleigh Police Bicycle Unit.

Fourth Annual Privet Power Pull

Cheer on local teens as they pull up invasive shrubs and small trees to make way for native plants and animals. Visit the Volunteer page if you’d like to help.



Disc Golf - Try your shots on our demonstration course.

Decompose - Guess how long it takes for waste such as cigarette butts and food boxes to biodegrade.

Grow As We Go - Children explore the life cycle changes of familiar wildlife.

Backyard Bass - Learn to cast a fishing line.

Animal Trackers - Examine mammal tracks, scat replica, and skulls. Then compare them to the field guide to identify the animal.

Sounds from the Wild - Listen closely. Learn to make some of those wetland wildlife sounds you hear. Try them out on our in-the-woods stage. 

Carnival Games - Guessing, bean bags, silly fun, snow-cones, and popcorn. It’s a Festival!


Wetland Walks

Birds Come Alive - Become a field hand with an ornithologist from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Guide books, specimens and binoculars provided.

Wetland Charms - Build your own miniature wetland with tiny charms that share the ecology.

Explore Creek Life - Help Adopt-A-Stream partners gather creek water and test it for pollutants. See the creatures that call the wetlands home. 


Art on the Trail

Masks of Wetland Creatures - Create your own mask or costume with recycled materials. Blend in with nature or outlandishly stand out. 

Dramas - Show off your creature, add sounds, then play your part in mini plays.

Music in the Trees - Listen to flutes and strings joining the woodland chorus. Add jazz and a horns to the mix.

In Your Own Words - Add to a collage of what nature means to you. Welcome poetry and prose.

Jaws - Just say aaah! Color and cut out the skull profile of a wetland animal.

Post Cards from the Swamp - Create a post card inspired by the wetland. We’ll even mail it.

Gourds Galore - Make a birdhouse to take home from a fat gourd, grown right on-site.

Track Casting - Pour plaster into an animal track mold of your choosing to take home.

Leaf Rubbing - Use real leaves from wetland trees, to do colorful leaf rubbings.

Demonstrations & Exhibits 

Free Trees - Sign up for the City of Raleigh’s NeighborWoods Street Tree Program to see if your site is a good place to plant a tree. If yes, your very own tree will be delivered with planting instructions.

Live Critters - Meet and greet local wildlife with staff from the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences.

Taste Testing - Blindfolded, can you tell the difference between canned and fresh vegetables, the fragrance of herbs, the smell of fertile soil? Sample produce from the Interfaith Food Shuttle’s urban farming program.

Green Building Tour - The Center was designed by Frank Harmon Architects to be as green as it gets. Check out our new cistern. Let us show you what environmentally friendly design means. 

Find Yourself - Map your home, school or work to find your best greenway, park and transit connection. Bike Raleigh, Capital Area Transit and the Triangle Greenways Council will help you find your way.


Get Moving

Dance to the Beat - Let the music of African drums, Mexican Folkloric and Polynesian dances pump you up and put you in step.

Count Your Steps - Borrow a step counter and log in your count when you complete the Festival circuit, for prizes and treats.

Bike Sprints - Challenge yourself and a friend to a race on our “Champ vs. Chump” stationary bicycles.

Hoola Hoops - It’s more than just hips. Let the Cirque de Vol show you how.